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First Class Hotels

At First Class Corporations, we understand that creating a truly unforgettable First Class Experience is about so much more than simply delivering a string of superior services. While each individual step of the guest’s journey must be immaculately prepared and managed in its own right, these services must also flow smoothly from one to the next with seamless transitions. It is for this reason that we select only those service partners which share our same commitment to impeccable customer service.

One of the most important components of the guest’s travel experience is the accommodation that will serve as their home away from home during their journey. However, to be considered a truly First Class hotel, our selected partner hotels must also fulfill particular criteria that include a convenient location, fine dining outlets, recreational facilities, and convention amenities.

By working closely with our partner hotels and listening to the feedback we receive from our guests, we ensure that every night spent in one of the exclusive hotels in the First Class Network is part of a bespoke First Class Experience. That is our guarantee to our loyal guests.